Scenario 05: After The Rain


L 54 x W 44 x H 102 cm

Stainless steel, waxed cork, sandblasted aluminium, rubber


Made to measure



Made to measure

Second hand leather


L 2 x W 2 x H 5 cm

Stainless steel


Fresh dirt, wet grass, mould

Berlin, Germany

Liina Magnea

Metal Production
Ertl & Zull

Garment Development & Production
Karolina Januleviciute

Scent Development & Production
Laime Kiskune

Puddles were formed on the ground.

A gas bottle is carried around.

Drops of scent are poured into the water.

The stone tiles are slowly warmed up with fire.

The puddles are evaporated by the heat of the stones.

The space around is filled up with a new smell.


Spazio = Space

Cura = Curate / Care


Spazio Cura is a spatial and curatorial practice which gently intervenes within the existing scripts of public space and architectural settings. For each context, Spazio Cura develops specific performative scenarios that take its constituting elements into account — the built and unbuilt, its actants, political factors and economical flows.

For these scenarios, Spazio Cura aims to find delicate entry points to weave gentle, sensuous, and subtle gestures into existing structures, to rewrite the prevailing scripts and challenge ingrained patterns.

Each scenario is comprised of a set of tools, objects, garments and gestures, designed and developed by Spazio Cura and its network of collaborators.

During every step of the process, Spazio Cura thrives for radical acceptance of the existing while using as little, non extractive material means as necessary for a maximum spatial outcome. Thereby, space-making is not seen as the necessity to demolish or build new volumes, rather as an act of care for the existing, of revealing hidden spatial potential and by that bringing forth a new aesthetic.